Sunday, January 18, 2015

American Express Platinum cardholders now eligible for $200 reimbursement again!

Now that the new year has come around, American Express platinum cardholders are once again eligible to have $200 worth of airline fees reimbursed to them. This is a benefit that renews every calendar year. Meaning, if you got your card in October, you could have $200 worth of fees reimbursed in 2014 and another $200 reimbursed in 2015.

The fees that are eligible for reimbursement include baggage fees, late fees, cancellation fees, and charges made on the airplane. The fees must be all from the same airline of your choosing which you can change every single year. I chose United this year.

In previous years, I have purchased $50 gift cards and have been reimbursed without issues. This has worked on both American Airlines and Delta airlines. However I have not tried this on united airlines before. Other people have sometimes reported issues getting reimbursed for the gift cards from United, so I didn't try this.

A work around for this is the United registry. The just of it is that you create A registry that only you can access and gift the $200 to your own registry using your platinum card. I just did this today and will wait to see whether the reimbursement comes.

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