Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Delta Airlines - Not eligible for upgrade!

I recently switched from being AAdvantage Platinum to Delta Platinum due to decreased flying on American last year and various Delta promotions that enabled me to gain status.

One big plus for elites on AA, DL, and UA is now the availability of Main Cabin Extra, Economy Comfort, and Economy Plus, respectively.  Regardless of if you upgrade or not, you'll at least have 5 inches or so of extra legroom.  This is the first year that any planes on AA have been outfitted with Main Cabin Extra seats.

I recently had a direct flight from LAX to JFK on Delta and noticed it said I wasn't eligible for upgrade. I called customer care and was informed that in select routes, mainly LAX-JFK and JFK-SFO and JFK-SEA, elites are not upgrade-eligible.

Considering a huge amount of my flying will be on these routes, this is definitely something to consider when gunning for Delta elite status!

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